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Friday, April 15


Thanks to Geof Huth- dbqp visualizing poetics {click here}
for his review of our collage *1998* in the Dudley House *Infinity Show *
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Wisdom: does it consist of little more than accepting how long it takes for
something to actually 'happen'? If satisfaction is the measure this is easy to see.
Perfection is a kind of surface. Wholeness must be bounded by a shell or skin. To be a unit is to have an outside and an inside.
Place your bets, then laugh. And the game comes to an end so soon!
In case you might forget, exagerrate.
Adhering to the world by means of glue, ideas are useful mainly when they're wet. But the dry remains fascinate.
Reality is like a sea.
The world contains many thoughts and few images.

from *The Boundary of Blur*
Roof, 1993