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Monday, February 21

Visual Poetry Show Opens at Dudley House March 3rd

One of my photocollages will be included in the upcoming show in Cambridge, Mass which will be posted as a website on March 3rd as well. Click the url below to see the website for last year's show, which included work by Miekel And, Nico Vassilakis, John M. Bennett, Michael Basinski, August Highland, Steve Dalachinsky and others.

Dudley House at Harvard Visual Poetry Exhibition {click here}
Against Interpretation

Susan Sontag {click here}

We recently posted a quote from Yeats' poem *Second Coming* and a few words about the poem that
led to some interesting discussion among the blogs. A google search on Yeats and the poem
led to some interesting information. For one thing, it is one
of the most frequently posted poems (no surprise, considering its relevance). While some of
the interpretations, based on Yeats' own life and ideas were valuable, one of the links brought to mind the famous Sontag essay , worth reviewing; also in honor of her recent passing,we felt it worthwhile to take a moment to recall Sontag's many important contributions.