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Sunday, January 2

Contemporary Film Animation

William Kentridge, the great South African artist/filmaker, has work on display
right now at the Metropolitan Museum.

Kentridge at the Met {click here}

William Kentridge {click here} (scroll down)

William Kentridge {click here}
When I saw the Aztec show at the Guggenheim, the Aztec sculptures reminded
me of a lot of animated figures in science fiction movies. You have to see these

You have until Mid-February to see the
amazing Aztec Show at the Guggenheim {click here}
Reduced price after 5 pm on Friday {click here}

The Brothers Quay

I couldn't think of contemporary animation without thinking
of The Brothers Quay {click here}. Check out these gorgeous downloads. Wow!

Abigail Child

And while we're on the subject of innovative contemporary filmakers,
check out the recently completed homepage of

Abigail Child {click here}
Abilgail Child film clips {click here}