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Monday, December 6

Nada Gordon's Automatic Wisdom & Poetry Factory

"So strike up the sarod,
fellas, and wiggle your fngers on the skins, drummer boys.
Like you, I hear it all technically, a mountain of rouge
on a pale imitation, wallowing in the anemic spirit of time..."

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It's all in the perception, folks, and if you were Nada Gordon
you would find poetry anywhere, even in lowly spam.

Go on, let Nada make you smile with your
Monday morning coffee or tea!
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Hey, *fait accompli* is getting around...
flarf this!
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Jack Kimball {click here} is right,
The blogs are heating up! I love it when I want to link to every blog I read.
Here, Mike Snider serves up a provocative questionnaire on
Ashbery, and Jonathan Mayhew takes the serve head on
and slams back in the comments section. Check it out.
Mike Snider's Formal Blog & Sonnetarium {click here}