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Friday, November 19

What a poet must invent and reinvent is not
only poetry but a *raison d'etre* for poetry.

from*Theoretical Objects* (Green Integer, 1999)
from *Literature Nation* by
Maria Damon and Miekal And
Potes and Poets, 2003

"[angelic object]

There is a ghostly remembrance, or rather, the phosphene double-
image as one screen is replaced by the next. &,that [moment when
the page turning ] allows a nanosecond of expectation & guessing.
Even as you hesitate, wondering what link to click, Literature
Nation is writing itself in your head [This is your invitation] to
create your own language state."

David Bromige and Richard Denner have
been doing a terrific ongoing collaboration
titled *Spade*. The latest parts are availabe
here on Poetic Inhalation {click here} as pdf's. Work also by
Vernon Frazer, Opal Nations, Stephen-Paul Martin,
Raymond Federman, Andrew Lundwall and many others.
Two of My Favorite Writers Have New Betas from Faux Press
Mitch Highfill and Cori Copp. On line now at

Faux Press {click here}

The Lineup:

Carl Annarummo:
High Heaven Ugly Hat
Micah Ballard:
Tina Celona:
When I Am Done with Cookies I Look for Pie
Corina Copp:
Joe Elliot:
101 Designs for The World Trade Center
Mitch Highfill:
A Dozen Sonnets
Tim Peterson:
Trinkets Mashed into a Blender
Christina Strong:
Utopian Politics
Alli Warren:
Reward for Information of Serious Voting Fraud that Would Lead to
Change of Election Outcome Raised to $200. 000

Blue Lemur {click here}

Berkeley Study Finds Disparity in Vote Count {click here}

Holier Than Thou (This link requires video software)

Bush Uncensored {click here}