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Sunday, November 21

*fait accompli* called it *paranoia* (see the sidebar to your left)

-Counterpunch calls it *fear*- either way- a new approach is needed

the full essay available right now on
Counterpunch {click here}

put your fingers on the pulse of contemporary information-
via wood s lot {click here}

Truth In Blogging

Visiting in-laws today in Arlington, Mass, everyone out, so I had the time to
read through every blog listed on Brother Tom's finish your phrase {click here} linklist (my hypothesis is, that since the election was Bushwhacked,
most bloggers are going through a well-earned depression).
One, and only one, blogpost made me laugh out loud today. And the winner is...

Paula's House of Toast {click here}


Police, protesters clash in Chile {click here}
via Transdada
Shanna Compton is working on Jerome Sala's new
book: *Look Slimmer Instantly*. This post includes
a photo of the cover plus a link to four of the poems
published on a webzine.
Brand New Insects-Jerome Sala's book {click here}

"in his work *The Information Age*, Castella has
demonstrated empirically how competition intensifies
in the global information economy (or *informational*
economy to be exact, because all economies are based
on information, but ours is based on the information-
technology paradigm...) Speedy technological changes
make it imperative to get new technology to consumers
quickly, before one's competitors do. The slow are left
holding obsolete products; even worse is a belated
response to fundamental shifts in technology."

*The Hacker Ethic* by Pekka Himanen
translated by Anselm Hollo and Pekka Himanen
Random House, 2001
Competition and Alienated Labor

Marx on Human Persons {click here}
Estranged Labor by Karl Marx {click here}