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Wednesday, October 6

The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

Thanks , in particular, to

Blindheit: Clarity is overrated ( Evelio) {click here}

Tributary (Allen Bramhall){click here}

DagZine (Gary Norris) {click here}

Bad With Titles (Jay Thomas) {click here}

Equanimity (Jordan Davis){click here}

and xvarenah (Michael Helsem) {click here}

for their very recent links, responsiveness and knd words concerning my work and
this blog.

Working so closely together, reading each others blogs,
responding to each others ideas and thoughts, in the
context of blogging over the past 20 months has entirely
changed my feeling about the field of writing.

My sincere and ongoing gratitude and appreciation goes out to the very many bloggers
whose writing has immeasurably enriched my life- and, hopefully,
will continue to do so for many years to come.

Special thanks also to
Alan DeNiro (Ptarmigan) {cllck here}
(coming soon *Red Giant*, a poetry collection oriented to science fiction),
Eratio (Gregory Vincent St.Thomasino) {click here},
and Charles Alexander (Chax Press) {click here}