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Saturday, October 2

Light hurts the eyes in a gloomy age.

from: notebooks: 11/19/87
published in my collection: *The Boundary of Blur* ((Roof, 1993)

"I wish to stay
Without the engineered thought forms..."
Alex Cumberbatch

This just in-
he's back on line!
new blog name LX {click here}(Libretti Xzentriques?- perhaps)
with more of the provocative, engaging writing
I, and many others, have come to very much
look forward to from Alexander Cumberbatch:

"When to tree horror to cure acid racists constructions
Wishing subject of sorrows lynch mobs panic panaceas of purity"
"Never trust anyone over 30"
"Right on!"

A memoir from
Ron Silliman {click here} concerning a stirring, political era: 40 years ago
to be celebrated next week in Berkeley.