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Thursday, September 16

Consciousness, that master poet, never
forgets that final touch, even when the heart
itself does.

notebook: 10/28/88
Thoughts for Voters - from Toni Simon

Toni feels that voters may have not fully considered the dangers and abuses
of one-party rule as seen historically...

"They've got the Presidency, both houses of Congress, and
increasingly the Supreme Court. What ever happened to checks and balances? To protect our democracy, vote for John Kerry.

Restore Checks and Balances
End one party rule:

A simple and obvious point which I haven't heard mentioned as a talking point by anyone…and time is running out. Direct to swing voters.

Don't know who to vote for?
Think all politicians are corrupt?
Consider this:

Use your vote to restore the balance of power
Republicans control every branch of government, even the judiciary. What we have now is the fox guarding the chicken coop.
We need the oversight of a 2-party system again. For this reason alone you should vote for a Democrat.

Many Americans don't vote because they think politicians are corrupt and want our money. We have a huge deficit and our tax money is being shoveled into the pockets of Republican party contributors.
Mention examples of scary one-party governments.
Give examples of corrupt power-grabbing by republicans.
'Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.'"
Tiime Travel Thoughts on 9/11

Thanks to Arlee Christian {click here}
for quoting, linking to and further considering
the powerful contemporary signficance of a passage from
Dreiser's *Jennie Gerhardt* (1911) quoted here on 9/09/04