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Thursday, August 26

The Bully's Cycle of Intimidation

Isn't it interesting that individuals or groups who
like to frequently warn tend to be
the same ones who frequently

The Cycle

Patronize, preach, pressure

Cajole, carp, criticize

Scold, warn, threaten, deprive, punish

Begin again.

Caterina {click here}
takes time out for
Oliver Sacks
::fait accompli:: summer reruns
August 26, 2003

"In everything there is an unexplored
element because we are prone by habit
to use our eyes only in combination
with the memory of what others before us
have thought about the thing we are looking at.
The most insignificant thing contains some
little unknown element. We must find it."
Maupassant, Preface to Pierre et Jean, 1887

:: Nick Piombino 10:41 PM [+] ::
. . . . . .


"Spoke, spoke.
Was, was."
Paul Celan

The real is impenetrable.
Every day we accept the given reports.
Sun, gray skies, rain.
In back of the house the metal swing is rusting.
The day is so hot nothing moves.
Even time doesn't move.
Escape the official remarks and expressions.
Into what? Green? Or eyes?
Words don't welcome, but they are warm,
Warmer than voices. The whole extent.
The whole object or memory.
Contrivance: echoes.
Universe: all bare.
Wonders: caring.

:: Nick Piombino 8:19 PM [+] ::
Are the derangements of modernism
still efficacious? While still fascinating,
and occasionally shockingly
and powerfully beautiful,
can they release us from the fun-house
mirrors of contemporary disinformation?
Is it still revolutionary to counter lies and deceit
with chaos and confusion?
Is atonality, for example,
still more forceful, more
authentic than
melody or silence?