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Wednesday, June 16

"Toes were said to have actually burst into flame"
on Moonshine Highways {click here}

Just try to go into a summer slump in Blogland-
your blogger friends won't let you! as in
Equanimity {click here} (By the way, Jordan, who is the
epitome of discretion, does not mention in his post, that the first thing I asked him
about was his anthology -with Sarah Manguso-- Free Radicals: American Poets Before Their First Books, which I am awaiting, with bated breath -what is, "bated breath", by the way-?)
Pelican Dreaming {click here}
Bemsha Swing {click here}
Third Factory {click here}
(via Well Nourished Moon {click here})
&& {click here}
recent interview with Noam Chomsky {click here} from *ZNet*
Recent interview with Jessica Grim {click here} from *Vanishing Points of Resemblance*
The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (Seattle) {click here}
Jack Kimball's celebrated
essays continue {click here}
- the latest two reflect on books by Brenda
Coultas and Anne Tardos