Distribution Automatique

Wednesday, May 5

notebook (poem: *The Beginning of The End*); circa 1986

The permanent measure is temporary
All this for a singular experience
Lying next to
A book (fill in the letters)
Mr. P.- an obvious limitation
Yet an expediency (space for the letters)
Advertises escape from embarassment-

"Now I understand"
Indeterminacy of cause
Lunatic "fringe" is a
Blur out (dismissed
Long ago- by then Amigo,

Sooner or later you have to listen to
Somebody or you're all alone
Somebody else if you're all alone

.......(I knew you'd get around to it
sooner or later)

Thank God they don't understand


The permanent measure is democracy
Such that the circuits of clear amounts
Feels nascent slipping into the ordinary
Which is NEVER and has NEVER been anything else but
"All's fair in love and war"
Another way to say Shakespeare (Shakes clear,
Lakes sphere, makes clear)
And all of this is borrowed
Mr. P was accusing
All of this was borrowed

Making a big deal about a lot of things that most people don't care
about at all.

This smacks of the end right away.

Shakes appear.