Distribution Automatique

Monday, May 24

notebook: circa, 1987

1) Slipping on and off the track

2) Immediate sensations

3) Coexistent desires

4) Shadowy wishes

5) Urging (this) forward

6) Continuous reconstitution of an experienced
interval (Klebnikov)

7) (This) almost becomes an articulated image (made

8) "Conscious" (me)- my "unconscious" (you)

9) The "return of the repressed"

10) Unwilling subjugation of disbelief- psychology
of everyday life.

11) Centrality of number (this).

12) Buildingroman

13) Bildingsroman

14) The slip (sliding into (onto) the truth).

15) The truth horn- trumpet it out-sliding
metaphors- the trumbone.

16) Violence- violins.

17) "You didn't publish it because
it was only ideas."

18) Contradictions- the persistence
of memory.

19) Continuous cries of birds (mild)

20) Deliberate cultivation of the
non-literal & the incomplete=
almost enough.

21) Mother alive- me alive.

22) The dance of the intellect.

23) The non(existence) of the singular.
This is the social.
24) No *particular* thought unattached
to the others. Observations construct.

25) Sigh- ence.

26) Impatient meanderings "of" "the" double.

27) Important (impotent) meanings of the

28) Insufficient circumstance
(film version).

29) Enlarged details- still shot-
short commotion.

30) Vanishing structure- dare to
be different (Blake).

31) Misfortunes. Loneliness. Poverty.
Racism. Sexism. "Insufficient funds."

32) Inspiration= chemical response
to material.

33) Pictures at an exhibition.

34) Un-pause. Ur-pause.

35) Application= Signification.

36) Drummer- march to a different.

37) Meanings in a dictionary.

38) Limits of tens.

39) Superimpositions of the whole

40) Largesse- mis*prision*-
non-chalant, nonce. Notary.

42) Micronarrative, in-folding,

43) Anxiety- distorted breathing,
imposition of hurt (chirping).

44) Decade- decadent.

45) Cadence, corece, conscience.
The last pronounced in France

46) Semi-circular. Begin again.
Begin the beguine. Again the sanguine.

47) Sorter- sort of. Syballine,
syllabic, centrifugal, fulsome,

48) Arbeiten, our bite in.

49) Center frugal.

50) Writing- contrast the whole to
the specific. Condensation of
word-moisture on surface exposed
to heat or coolness. Interaction of,
exchange of energy.

51) Immerse the film in water (Brakhage).

52) Which character is which
character? Who said this?

53) Nuclear- unclear.