Distribution Automatique

Monday, May 10

From a review of *Godard: A Portrait
of the Artist at 70* by Colin McCabe
(Bloomsbury, 2003) by Gilberto Perez
(in the *London Review of Books*)
"The present, the first part of *Eloge de
l'amour*, is in black and white, which
belongs to the past; the setting is the
streets of Paris, that of the *nouvelle
vague*. This is a present, fraught with
the past. The second part, the past
is in colour and video: the style of the
present. The second part often repeats
or recalls the first, as if the present
were the original and the past a repetition,
as if the past were recalling the present,
the present resounding in the past...Having
the past follow the present is not the order
in which things happen, but it is the order
in which we get to know their history..."