Distribution Automatique

Sunday, April 11

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Tympan (Tim Yu) {click here}
for intervening on the latest Poetics List
verbal onslaught. Since Okir (Jean Vengua) {click here}
mentioned "silences" on the part of list members
we feel it is important to overtly censure
harsh and offensive comments made on the list
and all such mean spirited activity
that abuses the freedom of speech granted there or anywhere.
Why do so many people conflate harshness and strength?
Apologies for our slowness in response:
we are still knee deep in boxes, and we have yet
to tell you in detail about the occasional
jet scream problem
going on here since moving in March 26th, finally very nicely
alleviated by the purchase
of a Marsona sound conditioner.