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Saturday, February 28

Tim Peterson, who I am told
is a close associate of Karl Merleau-Marcuse,
author of the inimitable
Semioanalysis Discotheque {click here},
has opened a blog called
Mappemunde {click here}
via Limetree {click here}
New Edge Books from Sand and Wallace

Rod Smith has issued the following notice:

Edge Books is pleased to announce two new titles:

Interval by Kaia Sand and Haze: Essays, Poems, Prose by Mark Wallace.

Special Offer: Order both books before April 1 for $15 postpaid.

or get Interval for $8 (regularly $10).

or get Haze for $10 (regularly $12.50).

Select Edge titles also available during this special offer at discounted rates:

The Sense Record, Jennifer Moxley, $10 (regularly $12.50)
Zero Star Hotel, Anselm Berrigan, $11 (regularly $14)
Integrity & Dramatic Life, Anselm Berrigan, $7 (regularly $10)
Ace, Tom Raworth, $7 (regularly $10)
Aerial 9: Bruce Andrews, $11 (regularly $15)
Dovecote, Heather Fuller, $7 (regularly $10)
Perhaps This Is a Rescue Fantasy, Heather Fuller, $7 (regularly $10)
Comp., Kevin Davies, $10 (regularly $12.50)
Sight, Lyn Hejinian & Leslie Scalapino, $10 (regularly $12)
Marijuana Softdrink, Buck Downs, $8 (regularly $11)
Nothing Happened and Besides I Wasn’t There, Mark Wallace, $7 (regularly $9.50)

Checks payable to:

Aerial/Edge, PO Box 25642, Georgetown Station, Washington, DC 20007

Thanks for your support!

Kaia Sand
ISBN: 1-890311-14-6
2004, 80 pages, $10

Kaia Sand’s Interval establishes the “hunger throated sound” of a language in the act of interrogating its moment.  Hers is an unflinching and thrillingly political practice….  Sand is a necessary poet, and bracingly new.
—Carolyn Forché

Read this book for its evocation of the sublime in the face of the populace’s raw complacency telescoped and interpreted, and do follow the ample instructions: “holler away our do-not-disturb quietude.”
—Heather Fuller

Haze: Essays, Poems, Prose
Mark Wallace
ISBN: 1-890311-15-4
2004, 104 pages, $12.50

This new collection of poems, essays, and divagations might be the essential Mark Wallace to date.  Always the supreme contra-stoic, Wallace gets us to somehow bear it all the better.  The strange world of literature is not only astutely observed, but transfigured, page by page.
—Rodrigo Toscano

Marvelous!  A book that thinks! and that speaks out plainly and politically.  Mark Wallace takes poetry seriously—and often in the most tongue-in-cheek way, but below the quick wit is a belief in and love of language and the art that it can make.  “If poetry is, as I believe, the art that allows people access to their own complexity…” he writes, and goes on from there to show what can happen in a world where this is true.
—Cole Swensen

Forthcoming from Aerial/Edge:

American Whatever, Tim Davis, Summer 2004

Metropolis 30: The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, Rob Fitterman, Summer 2004

Aerial 10: Lyn Hejinian, ed. Rod Smith & Jen Hofer, Winter 2004

Visit our web site www.aerialedge.com for a complete catalogue.

Aerial/Edge, PO Box 25642, Georgetown Station, Washington, DC 20007