Distribution Automatique

Thursday, February 5

Notebook: November 2000

God Bless Obscurity

God bless obscurity
land that I love
stand beside her
and guide her
with the dark from the spark
of a glove

[inspiration=concentration/yearly income]

[or concentration=inspiration x yearly income]

from the dictionary
to the libraries
to the used bookstoress
deep in debt
God bless obscurity
my home sweet home
that dear old gnome


Graffiti In The Cafe Jaffa

"Give me ambiguity or give me something else."

Since there has been building noise on the street outside
my apartment for months, it seems for years, and since
because of this I listen
to music every morning. I got into the habit of listening
to Chopin, particularly the Ballades. I don't know why, but
this music appears to be of inexhaustible interest to me. Surely,
eventually I will tire of it, but when? Like Debussy, it
opens out into feelings I want to return to endlessly.