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Monday, December 15

::fait accompli:: 2003
*stocking stuffers*
These are a few of my
favorite things...

Maria Damon and Miekel And, *Literature Nation*
Potes and Poets Press “[You, the Reader, are nervous to understand the words on the screen]”

Marcus Aurelius, *Meditations*: A new translation by
Gregory Hays -Modern Library-
“Everything transitory- the knower and the known.”

Walter Benjamin, *Selected Writings Volume 4*
The Belknap Press, Harvard UP
“The interplay between antiquity and modernity
must be transformed from the pragmatic context-
in which it first appears in Baudelaire- to the
context of allegory.”

Charles Bernstein, *Let’s Just Say*
Chax Press
“Let’s just say that the truth is somewhere
between us.”

Li Bloom, *Radish*
“See over there/Lonely desperation/
is a surface/ Problem”

Charles Borkhuis, *Savoir-Fear*
Melting Eyes Bindery
“Meanwhile it’s snuggle-time/
inside distraction’s warp and woof”

Daniel Bouchard, editor, *The Poker*
“Marcella Durand: Great. Your poetry makes me happy.
Kevin Davies: What, are you nuts?”

Tanya Brolaski, *The High Lonesome: Letters to Hank Williams*
True West
“hank, I had to write the clouds were a bad sign
and I knelt before their omen. ‘a ghost is an
extreme emotion stuck in time,’”

“Giddily they agreed: objects in space may be said
to derive their boundaries from coexistence”

Chain 10 *translucination*
“what interested us was the relentless
utopian drive within any act of translation”

Corina Copp, *Sometimes Inspired By Marguerite*
Open 24 Hours
“Twittering hammers down too the rain
like talk is like us is too, too soon”

Mike County, *Copper*
Pressed Wafer
“Of light interchangeable
with silence.”

Michael Cross, editor, *Involuntary Vision: after Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams*
Avenue B
“at the heart of this dialogue is
an unwillingness to accept objective
conditioning (which, I suppose, is
what gives the a label like ‘The New
Brutalism’ its credence).”

Jordan Davis, *Million Poems Journal*
Faux Press
“The red moon
is a banjo”

kari Edwards, *a day in the life of p.*
subpress collective
“the stopped moment that stopped
for centuries continued to fade.”

Elaine Equi, *The Cloud of Knowable Things*
Coffee House
"I'm at the corner between Can't & Won't
At the kiosk between Aroma & Automatic..."

Clayton Eshleman, *Everwhat*
“I come from a generation oily
with typewriter, blessed with
stubborn /angst of view”

Jean Fremon, *Island of the Dead*
translated from the French by
Cole Swenson
Green Integer
“…it’s as if I take stock of the
day’s mood by letting the pencil

Jean Fremon, *Distant Noise*
translated from the French by
Norma Cole, Lydia Davis, Serge
Gavronsky and Cole Swenson
cover by Louse Bourgeois
“A strange dream,
the other side of passion”

Nada Gordon,*V.IMP.*
Faux Press
“Come live with me
and be my love/
and we will buy a new vacuum (Lao Tzu)”

Noah Eli Gordon, *The Frequencies*
tougher disguises
"My radio did this to me."

Michael Gottlieb, *Lost and Found*
“Those lonely, terrifying gifts.
The hall of disclaimers.”

Barbara Guest *Reflexions on Art*
“As mysterious as a herd of animals
galloping across a moonlit landscape
is the interior of a silent room…”

Lyn Henjinian *My Life in the Nineties*
“What? is the fiftieth year of my life
now complete?”

Crag Hill, editor, *Score 18*
“Meanings are jade pebbles, mildy
ways, golem cages.”
Edward Mycue

Brenda Iijima, *spacious*
“Flash to a time when feelings were
reconciled by a glued in formalism”

Thomas Kelly, *All Hands*
“Don’t Touch My Art Project
It is the one that looks like
an orange pylon-”

Deb Klowden and Ben Lerner, editors
*No* (includes *In Denmark* by Ken Irby)
“By the light oranges, strangers”
Cole Swenson

Hank Lazer, *Deathwatch: for My Father*
“and for a time/the new drugs/
seem to work”

Matt Lee, editor, *Razor Smile*
Alan Sondheim CD-ROM Special
“He has been an inspiration for a lot
of avant-garde and experimental writers
and net theoreticians…”

Rachel Levitsky, *Under the Sun*
“Destiny as a life written by
the wall. on the wall. frescoed
into the concrete wall”

Ligorano/Reese with Gerrit Lansing
*turning leaves of mind*
“The book sits
in a tower
of dust”

Karen McCormack, *Implexures*
Chax and West House
“today many physicists think
nothingness is the foundation
of everything”

k. silem mohammed, *Deer Head Nation*
tougher disguises
“\*=America died today
\*=America killed by the President”

David Perry, *Range Finder*
Adventures in Poetry
“I have nowhere to go
that isn’t/ automatically
written language”

Tim Peterson, *Cumulus*
Portable Press
“The grotesque imbalance of powers
fuels my morning walk: azaleas, blue
phlox, curbside junk”

Antonio Porchia, *Voices*
translated by WS Merwin
Copper Canyon
“We have a world for each one
but we do not have a world for all”
“Tenemos un mundo para cada uno,
pero no tememos un mundo para todos”

Tom Raworth, *Collected Poems*
into the mirror

Elizabeth Robinson, *Apprehend*
“The witch herself wears stripes…”

David Rosenberg, *See What You Think*
Critical Essays for the Next Avant Garde
“A visionary poetry instead of omnisciently
embodying the present, must see through its
omniscience to explore the future.”

Kurt Schwitters
*Objects, Ephemera, Collages, Paintings*
UBU Gallery

David Shapiro
*A Burning Interior*
"Dream of December 9th"
"I was a peace emissary
to Saddam Hussein
I explained I had hardly gone to a synagogue
more than a few times in my life
I was a pacifist and hated the military regimes
better he face me than Snowcroft"

Rodrigo Toscano *Platforms*

Stephanie Young & Catherine Meng, *Postcard Poems*
Poetry Expresso
“Dear Santa, I’ve already got
a lot of unexpected presents”
“And who was singing
next to me made
no difference to my brain-“

Stephanie Young & Del Ray Cross, *Postcard Poems*
Poetry Expresso
“There was a line/ in the sugar,
of ants/ and a line to cut
the week in two”
“Was it something
the big stones had said?”
Del Ray

Tim Yu and Cassie Lewis, *Postcard Poems*
“Never worry about irony, looking
out over an abandoned planet.”
“The perceptions of others
and the clouds of intent”

Barrett Watten *The Constructivist Moment*
Wesleyan University Press