Distribution Automatique

Sunday, November 30

Read Saturday evening at Wordsworth Books
in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass with
David Perry and Mike County, thanks to Jim Behrle.
I enjoyed Mike and David's terrific readings tremendously,
we swapped books and the Cambridge poetry audience
was extremely generous and responsive in its attention.
Also quite a number of us had a wonderful time together
at the Commander afterwards. It was a windy, freezing night
here in Cambridge, yet this was one of the most warm
and welcoming groups I've ever met in my many years
of giving poetry readings and I had a really great time;
a very ample audience arrived at the second floor of Wordsworth Books
considering it was a cold night of a Thanksgiving weekend,
which included many Massachusetts poets. To my very great delight,
quite a few bloggers were there including Christina Strong, Amanda Cook,
Guillermo Parra, Noah Eli Gordon, Mark Lamoureux, Tim Peterson,
Jack Kimball, James Cook and poets Sara Veglahn, Gerrit Lansing, Joel Sloman
and many others. (Sorry, but it is quite late and I'm a bit hazy now, so if I've forgotten to mention anyone, and you happen to read this, please email me and tell me). This was a very special,
unforgettable evening, not least because I got to talk about blogging
and other things with a lot of people, I had lots of fun. had a drink
and some good food and was given much to take home and think about.
My very special thanks to the inimitable
James Behrle for making this reading possible.
A number of ver promising readings are coming up, by the way,
at Wordsworth, including poet and blogger Katie Degentesh, Noah Eli Gordon
and poets
Brenda Iijima and Leslie Scalapino. [See the sidebar to the left
for details on upcoming Wordsworth readings and those to be given by
the author of the famous Jim Side.]