Distribution Automatique

Thursday, September 18


See the object as a semblance
Toward an assigned place
A reason to include confusion
Encompassing, not inhabiting, an idea.
The sketch finally dissolved into
A comprehensible image. Erase it
And begin again, with color. Will
Is an abstraction. Starting over,
The artist herself vanished into a texture.

Say the object was a hindrance,
Taking in an arranged surface.
A raging to forbid illusion
Engrossing, and infusing, a career.
The catch ultimately involved
An invinceable pursuasion. Hold it
Or confront it before you speak. Words
Translate emotion. In reverse,
The philosopher himself evolved into the paradox.

Hear the statement as a structure
Tracing an inevitable release.
A premise for arranging connections
Enhancing, not contracting, a facade.
The switch completely evolved
Into a forseeable translation. Trace it
And endure it because you can't. Thoughts
Prefigure commands. By analogy,
The critic herself emerged as a perception.

Touch the feelings like a zither
Forming a musical entr'acte
A setting that forbids intrusion
Enlarging or embodying, a mistake.
The crux was simply disclosed
As an arguable transposition. State it
Or suggest it as an event. Dreams
Precede desires. In effect,
The musician himself is an instrument of his melodies.

Proclaim the words as a proposal
Portraying an invisible collapse
A vessal that transports convictions
Embedding and exporting a delight.
Thus chance came to represent
An alterable conclusion- recite it
Or pronounce it as a chant. Songs
Select a voice. So to speak
The poet herself is uttered as a language.