Distribution Automatique

Friday, August 22

from ululations... Nada Gordon

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Give to gold its weight
Regent of dewy night, Fawn-
spotted cooling stream

Unite, impel, di-
late th' effulgent whole he
sparkling daughters crown'd

of stern Eluding
mortal sight, He fades; he dis-
appears And silence

lulls the sky we court
nor sings nor many-tinted
rays concoct, refine,

And hymn, concentrick
orbs struggling to impair bless'd
quaffing nectar Rob'd

Till twitter moving
lancer of the golden keen
by green-hair'd Ocean's

gem-bespangled shore
charm'd Gocul's od'rous cleft head
sandal-breathing flow'r

attesting secret
deeds, skirts, robes, charm, form, and stain
load the tortoise bore